Visions of the future: Lifestyle (based on Star Trek)

Visions of the Future

Star Trek is an American television series, firstly created by Gene Roddenberry, and after his death continued in his spirit.

What Gene Roddenberry saw in the future was very beautiful. He saw a society in balance. He wanted Star Trek to show mankind, what it might develop into, if only it would learn from the lessons of the past, most specifically by ending violence.

The Star Trek franchise has influenced the design of many current technologies, including the Tablet PC, the PDA, mobile phones, and the MRI. So our lifestyle is already affected by his visions.
Star Trek has also brought to popular attention the concept of teleportation, with its depiction of “matter-energy transport.” Phrases such as “Beam me up, Scotty” have now entered the public vernacular, and scientists are trying to develop this devise. In 1976 NASA named its prototype space shuttle “Enterprise”, after the fictional starship.

Gene Roddenberry had a sharp eye of what would become. And he inspired a lot of scientists to try to reproduce his visions. So for me Gene Roddenberry will affect our lifestyle a great deal in the future.

One big computer:
Roddenberry saw us living in homes that included lots of technology.
An example is sound sensitive devices build into the homes. Today we talk to our technology and I believe, that we in the future will talk to our homes in general.
Examples are, lighting, open, turn on, turn off, etc. It will be a natural part of our lives and make our everyday much easier. Or lets say. We don’t need to move too much

Replicator: (a computer capable of creating and recycling objects)
The replicator is mainly used to create food and water and can create almost anything but living beings.
It works by rearranging subatomic particles (atoms of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, etc), which are abundant everywhere in the universe, to form molecules (amino acids, proteins, and cells) and arrange those molecules to form the object.
Will this be a reality? I think it might. This means that all the time used on shopping for and creating food is saved, as the computer does it all.
Again we don’t need to move much. But even more important. This devise can eliminate hunger and the world will become more balanced.

Teleportation: (transfer of matter from one point to another)
Convert/dematerialize a person or object into an energy pattern, then “beam” it to a target, where it is reconverted into matter (rematerialized).
Will this be a reality? If this becomes a reality, our world will become even smaller. This means that trading will become easier, connecting with other cultures will happen on a larger scale, and this could eventually mean, that we will become more open minded to differences as we are used to see it every day. Not on tv but in real life.

Holodeck: (simulated reality)
Speaking of TV. Why settle when we can live it instead?
A holodeck is a simulated reality facility. A very realistic simulation, where holographic images are projected & sounds and smells are simulated by speakers. In time it will look 100% real.
Holodecks can be used for training/education, crime analysis (recreate events to explore the forensics of a crime scene for law enforcement purposes), scientific experimentation (simulate events to explore scientific experiments) and recreation (creating holiday sights, living books where you play one of the roles etc)
Will this be a reality? I absolutely think so. We are already well on our way.

So the big picture regarding lifestyle…
The technology mentioned above will change our lives. We will become more focused on our interests, our work and our contacts. We will have more time for each other and hopefully this time will be used well. I’m talking about people not just sitting at home, because this is the most convenient thing, but that we will feel the need to meet each other face to face. Like meeting on a holodeck to have some fun or transport between countries to meet foreign connections.

In 2008 physicist Michio Kaku predicted (Discovery Channel Magazine) that devices similar to those in Star Trek would be invented within 100 years. And I believe he is right. Scientist are working hard to create these things and I believe it will be a reality sooner or later.


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2 thoughts on “Visions of the future: Lifestyle (based on Star Trek)

  1. The fifth element will also shape our technology in 15 years-flying cars, food stalls, hyper-ships and sleeping doses. I really like the deco inside Phloston Paradise.

  2. I believe you are very right. With the increase in population, we need to find new ways to arrange the traffic. So it is only natural, that we will begin using the sky as well.

    My first thought on this was, “oh how nice. Then we can use the ground for walking, running and playing”. But my next thought was “Oh damn”. The ground will not be used for fun and movement. It will be used for buildings. And now we can’t enjoy a nice sunny sky any more. What a shame”. Well. We will see what happens. But yes. I’m quite sure, that the flying car etc. will come soon.

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