Living longer, a joy or a burden?

Living longer…

There is no doubt that we will live longer. At least in the short-term.
But will we have quality lives and will we be healthy. Or will we be old people not able to move around, but kept alive for the sake of statistics?

I am not a doctor, nor a scientist, so I can’t really give a scientific prediction to, what will be accomplished within the next 10-20 years.
But I will try as best I can, to tell what I see as possible outcomes.

One prediction is this:
The future brings a time, where people will not die of age. But we will die of diseases.
We live in a very unhealthy environment with pollution and food additives. We even eat gene engineered food and meat from animals stuffed with medicine. So what will the effect be from this. That we slowly but effectively destroy our bodies.
And do we care? Not really. Money talks.
But destroying one body is not the issue. This destruction will be passed on to our kids and the world will change.
We will no longer be able to cure diseases, as we have eaten medicine through our food all of our lives and are now immune to the cures.
Our bodies will change because of all the gene engineered food wich means, that new unknown diseases and issues will arrive.
And we will be poisoned from all the pollution and will become very weak to the changes.
So all in all a bad future.

But as I said. This is one possible prediction.

Another prediction is this:
Medicine will evolve. So will the general intelligence.
Starting with the general intelligence… This means that people will understand the importance of living a healthy life. Companies will be forced to cut down on pollution, much more than now, and the earth will slowly become a more clean place again. So our environment and our bodies will become more healthy in time.
Medicine…. More and more diseases will be categorized as simple diseases. Like today when we talk about a pneumonia that 100 years ago would have killed us. Today it doesn’t. The same will go for cancer, HIV and other life threatening diseases that we currently die from every day.
And a “treatment” from growing old will come as well. We will know how to slow down the aging process, and for that reason we will live longer. Not because we will become very old and sit and stare blindly into nothing, needing a lot of nursing. But we will be young for a much longer time. So what today is 50 years old, will in the future be 80 years old. And we can expect a life of 130-155 years of age.

These predictions are in my opinion two of the possibilities. One very sad one and one very good one.

Feel free to comment with your thoughts on this.


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You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted, Antony Robbins


One thought on “Living longer, a joy or a burden?

  1. Being asthmatic, I realize the value of clean air. But most don’t-burning garbage, smoking, old polluting vehicles and industries all take a toll. I am much more careful and avoid all these. Except april, I see everyone around coughing and snorting, but for them going to work is a priority-even at expense of infecting others.

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